Why have I decided to start a company and dedicate myself to brand building?

"The most you can ever do is the best you can." - Bill Withers

I'm a designer. I'm passionate about design. I live to create great design. I'm also passionate about solving interesting problems. It's not always possible without the right circumstances in place. Design has little to do with solving interesting problems if i'm making the wrong thing over and over for a stressed out, worn out client.

By taking responsibility for my process, I am able to definitively ensure that the recipe is there to affect the outcome that exceeds expectations. I can then focus on my passion and build. I can then consistently and responsibly create quality design work and navigate challenges properly.

Embracing brand strategy is dedicating myself to using design in a way that makes me and everyone I work with better.

Taking part in this exercise with clients and learning with them will help them articulate why they do what they do, and so through building their brand become the best they can be: by articulating their goals and aligning themselves with the people that will help them get there.

Embracing a process is how I found that I can use design to make the world a better place. It is also how I have found I can make better design.

I want my work to not only have the polished touch of a focused designer, but have it be a solution to a compelling problem, like any good design should do. I want to be proud of my work and the effects it has and so I will position myself and my company to create work and the outcomes our clients will be proud of.

Clients are making an investment.

By taking responsibility for the process, I can guarantee my best and ensure the most value for what they have commissioned and a likelihood of a return on that investment.

Where is the Winged Egg going?

I will follow where my path leads and dedicate my time to being the best I can be at what I do. I will use those gifts to enable my collaborators, clients, and everyone I work with to become the best they can be.

Thank you for getting this far with me.

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