Lead Generation and Online Marketing Campaigns

We will be referring to 3 kinds of lead generation methodologies. In the end, we will be recommending a combination of all 3

Inbound Marketing

Successful inbound marketing is the long term goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and all of our strategic efforts. Through the rising authority over your niche in search engines and the engaging and trust building delivery of value through your content, you will be on your way to achieving the fruitful bounty of a sound inbound marketing campaign. The longer we stay consistent at it, search engines will reward you with:

  • Greater brand authority over your unique brand keywords, products, and services
  • organic search traffic through keyword subject matter relevant to your business and your content
  • a refined search engine presence that prioritizes the audience we want and a lower percentage of impressions from those we do not

It will not happen over night but when developed to success, Inbound marketing will drive the majority of leads to your business and make you the most money in the long run.

Click here to find out how we conduct a SEO audit and how the report will be instrumental in your Inbound marketing efforts moving forward.

Outbound Marketing

This is where our ideal customer profiles and sales/marketing collaboration become crucially useful in validating prospects and leads. We will be accumulating of specific list of target prospects that are qualified by our criteria and go after each one directly. A carefully crafted tactical approach will include:

  • Partially automated email sequences,
  • strategically timed phone-calls,
  • direct mail

The theme of these interactions will be first and foremost thought-leadership establishing content. We can focus on the problems our customers face and establishing authority on those issues. Our goal is to establish trust and it must be done patiently and consistently. The idea is to open the door and generate trust.

Only If our strategy is competently defined and executed via our positioning, our value proposition is compelling enough, and there is a market to be capitalized upon, will this method be successful in producing results. This is why we go through the steps aforementioned in our other articles to ensure that we do not waste money and time going about this method with an unprepared and undeveloped strategic plan.

Paid Media 

In the information age, the possibilities for targeting an audience with just the right characteristics of our choosing are impossible to overlook. To take advantage of such a short term luxury companies offer access to your audience via a fee. This is not always feasible or sustainable since once that budget dries up and that fee stops being paid, the audience exposure via that channel stops. This method should only be attempted after the mechanisms for trust and thought leadership have been established and we have learned and conveyed as much expertise about the problems our intended audience face as best we can. Our content strategy must be on point and we must be on our way to inbound lead generation momentum for paid media to offer just the right "oomph" to get us over the fence and start running.

Lead Generation – A combination of all 3

The best approach to lead generation is a combination of all 3: Inbound, Outbound, and Paid marketing. Inbound marketing is a long process that depends on growing your brands foundation of exceptional content over time as you establish and grow your website’s authority on search engines. In the short term, you may need to drive results in a less sustainable way such as outbound and paid media but only after a clear strategy has been set to get towards the goal of establishing most of our clients from inbound marketing.

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