Our Approach to Teamwork

Just a bit of insight into what I'm bringing to the table

  • I know how to stay inspired and inspire others without being an ass.
  • I’m experienced. 5+ years of real-world experience creating distinctive and engaging brand stories, experiences and interfaces. Level of expertise is more relevant than length of professional experience.
  • I love ideas. I also love design. For me, the two go hand in hand. In fact, I can’t imagine one without the other.
  • I am fascinated by consumer behavior: How we learn, How we share, How we humans shop, How we consume information.
  • I get technology. I’ve got a strong grasp on the technologies we need to tell and share our brand stories. Please don’t expect me to code things, though, you can expect me to work well with the developers and producers who do.
  • I am a leader in the best possible way. I lead by example and with good listening. I lead with empathy. I make my people better and they love me for it. In fact, I make everyone I work with better at what they do in some way.
  • I am a great communicator. I know how to listen. How to get to the heart of a problem or a challenge. When to push back and when to fall next to my sword. I can talk to anyone whether it’s designers, developers, producers, partners, clients, have them feel like I heard them, I got them, and I have their backs.
  • I’m opinionated. Being a great communicator also involves consensus building and convincing people sometimes that there’s a better way. Sometimes it involves trying something new. Sometimes a collaborator needs to be told what they’re saying isn’t clear. We all have bad days when we may not be as clear as we want. I find ways to make us better.
  • I’m proactive. I know when to be patient, but I also know when to take matters into my own hands and keep things moving.
  • I know how to juggle. I don't mean torches or chainsaws. I juggle projects and priorities. They shift and we deal with it grace and agility.
  • I’m accountable to agreed deadlines and schedules. I take them very seriously.

What can you expect from having me work on your team

  • I put relationships first: I believe that everything starts with the quality of our relationships, and I conduct my professional life as such.
  • Humility. Seriously. I don’t feel it's necessary to spend time talking about how much I can do. “Actions speak louder…”. When we are in a room together, I'm much more interested in gathering what I can from your expertise by asking questions and listening if you will have me.
  • Strong written and oral skills. I know and appreciate the nuances of the English language and I use it well. I am also a good speller.
  • A consistent "How can I help?" attitude.
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