Who else is trying to reach your audience?

This question is one of the four main questions that inform a brand strategy.

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Make sure your unique value proposition is actually unique and valuable. You can provide the best offering, the cheapest offering, or the most comprehensive offering, but you can't provide all three.

Don't limit your competitive set to businesses who say they do what you do. None of the record labels saw Apple as a competitor until it was too late... The grocery stores didn't see Wal-mart or even Amazon as a competition until it was too late!

Answering the question, what do I do better than anyone else, should be pretty straight forward. Write it down and bring it to our meeting. This should largely be informed by your business strategy. You might be closer to it than you realize, and that proximity may be impeding an objective analysis. Go through a validation process of what you believe are your differentiating factors, by asking others what they think makes what you offer different. You may think it's different, only to find a general consensus that it's just like everyone else. Objectivity is important, so take the time to understand how others perceive your value in comparison to the competition.  

Why we have incorporated the SEO audit into our Brand Strategy research process and now call it Holistic SEO

With everything on the internet these days, and everyone either creating content directly or indirectly while it all being indexed by the search engines, our keyword analysis tools have given us a very in-depth look at our competition. We can identify who sold what product, when, when they took it down, what promotions they were running, what people said about it, and what was happening with their traffic at that time. We can get and in-depth study of our brand authority and authority over specific keywords. This information will inform our standing and ability to make stronger claim to already secured impressions on Google but also inform our ability to claim expertise on the low hanging fruit of search terms relevant to our business but with the least competition comparatively. By climbing the ladder in sequence of priority / ease of claim, we establish the most efficient path towards a predominantly inbound marketing strategy. We are not advocating claiming keywords that aren't relevant to your business however, that is negative SEO and can actually hurt your authority over things that are relevant to your business.

By taking advantage of keyword analysis tools, we gain better insights to our DIRECT competitors and where they stand. Leveraging the powerful tools at our disposal we can conduct internet crowd control amongst our niche and claim the best combination of relevant to our business and the least competition for that precious front page in search results.

Winged Egg offers in-depth online competitor research as a tool to inform business and brand strategy.

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As a result of our brand strategy process, we will have laid the foundation of your website in the most fertile ground possible to succeed in claiming authority in your online niche. We will also leverage the technology available to us in equipping your business with the software you aught to use to streamline lead generation, lead nurturing, sales enablement, data collection and analysis, and SEO

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