Statement of Services: Holistic SEO Audit

If your business’s goal is to rise above the competition in your niche and be found on Google and other leading search engines, the clear steps and suggestions resulting from an SEO audit will have you equipped with the steps needed to get going on that path efficiently and effectively. SEO is an inbound marketing tactic and represents the long-term goal claim of authority over your brand and unique niche.

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This is no cookie-cutter service and our methodology is always evolving. Each audit is finely tuned to the individual company. Our thorough research process dives deep your existing situation, and your local, national, and international competition in order to guide us in content creation and digital development.

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Professionally and cleanly presented, the results of the audit contain valuable insights that enable your business to waste no time in enacting the changes needed in the right order according to priority and impact.

If your company owns a website, or is in the planning stages of one, a well thought out approach to attaining impact via SEO is crucial.

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In addition to the information we should have already gathered in the brand strategy collaborative process, we will need:

  • From your point of view, a specific list of your most relevant local, national, and international competitors.
  • Insights into the history of your marketing and online presence.
  • A list of intellectual properties your company owns.
  • As complete a list we can compile of online social media, domain registrar, and web-host with login credentials for your company’s online presence. This will be used for integration with our diagnostic tools in order to paint the most accurate picture and influence the most thorough outcome.

By the end of our consultation, you can expect to have learned:

  • Insights into our methodology,
  • a bit of insight into how Google works,
  • and why each task we recommend is important to your goals.

The results of the Audit: The Report.

When the audit is completed, you will receive a package containing:

  • A thorough analysis and diagnosis for each area we test in response to Google’s current algorithms.
  • A list of technical issues to be addressed or improved with suggestions.
  • A list of UX (User Experience) optimization issues to be addressed or improved with suggestions.
  • A content creation schedule with subject-matter suggestions using our fine-tuned, pragmatic keyword optimization approach.
  • A thorough look at your brand’s authority over the keywords shared by you and your niche with suggestions on how to strengthen already established authority and to start climbing the ladder in areas we don't but are relevant to our desired audience.
  • A thorough backlink audit (other websites linking to your website) with suggestions on who to disavow and who to follow up with up to date company info and links.
  • Suggestions for modifying the workflow of your business to ensure your audience continues to stay engaged well after the changes are made and Google continues to award you for the content it is looking for.

Checking in: The Follow Up

Three months after the results of the audit are received, Winged Egg will follow up with your business to discuss and critique:

  • The changes made,
  • The results of those changes
  • To provide guidance on steps to be taken going forward that can be incorporated into the regular workflow of your business.


In this day and age, making Google happy is crucial to the success of anyone hoping to stand out in the increasingly competitive online marketplace. Equipped with the results of a Holistic SEO Audit, your business can waste no time taking the most effective steps in moving forward to ensure the effectiveness of your online brand presence.

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