Quality over Quantity

Confucius said: “Speak softly and people lean towards you, speak loudly and people lean away.”

Expertise forces Selectivity

Please keep in mind that we are selective with who we choose to take on as clients. We have accepted that client base will turn over and that the churn is healthy. We select our clients based on what we learn from face to face conversations and we encourage our clients to choose us based on those parameters as well. This way, any objections we may have, or would have learned further down the line, can be brought to the table as early as possible.

We choose to work with a small number of slowly revolving high-quality clients. New clients must represent increased opportunities than those who are departing. We have adopted a selective approach that builds the credibility of our practice, of our clients's business, and best compliments our expertise. Because of this, we have replaced presentations with conversations. We do not need to win every opportunity. We and our most successful clients take comfort in having us patiently going about finding those we can best help in a manner that is more focused and less frantic.


It’s the second-best answer either of us can hear. I want to hear it as soon as possible if that is indeed the answer and you should too if you value your time and money. I will conduct myself in a way that pursues the yes or no as early in the buying cycle as possible. Let’s have a contest of who can raise objections first.

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Speak up!

If you have any knowledge of my work history, can easily find that my claim to expertise is much narrower than the scope and sum of my abilities. If you have needs beyond what we claim to do, speak up. The worst you can hear is no, and the best you can hope to hear is something along the lines of “Yes we can do this but no it is not what we are typically hired for.”It’s in both of our best interest for us to be honest about our strengths. Depending on the scope of the work, it is possible we can assemble a team of people who can deliver. Speak up!

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