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Case Studies

We aim to present our work within the frame of a proposed solution to a problem our client's business faces. In practice, we are advocates for the end user and for the effective reception of what a brand should be when fine tuned to the audience most receptive to what the business is offering.

A good case study must show:

  • We have studied the problem thoroughly,
  • Understood its complexities,
  • and that all we are working from that understanding

But what does it all mean???

A portfolio of work should not be about getting the viewer to understand design. It is about showing them that you understand what the client hired you to do. It is not magic. It is measurable and quantifiable. It is much more important for the designer to be able to interpret what a client means than to have them understand design. The most important thing that the client must understand is that the brand strategy workshops are there for provide what we need to advocate for the end user experience.

Who is presenting?

Beyond what I fathom to imagine, it is ideal that the presenter would be the one who created the work. Being able to present not just your work but the work of others should be considered a core design skill. We will stand up at the front of the room if possible. We will reiterate the goals of the project and we tell them what we are about to show will be meet those goals. Reassure the audience that they are the right people to have in the room since it is expertise we need from them and not design knowledge. Nobody should sell or articulate this work better to an audience than the designer that conceived it. Trust and everything you need to create an effective outcome should already be established by the collaborative diagnostic process that laid the foundation or the work being presented.

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