Pipeline Management

 With the touch-points we talked about so far in our other articles sorted out and starting to work,

It is likely must now begin focusing on management of already generated leads.

Sales Enablement

We must make strides to equip our sales team with the "processes", "data", and "content" that will optimize their time and more effectively manage the sales pipeline. Your website can and should play an instrumental role in this.

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  • When a new lead fills on your website, who will be alerted?
  • Who will reach out to the lead?
  • What messaging and communication points will be used?
  • How will we judge the lead as worthy of our pursuit?
  • Will these things be automated?


The available lead intelligence that both web analytics and marketing automation software provides can be incredibly powerful and highly influential in optimizing the time of your sales team. There are so many ways to organize and make use of this data. Doing so requires someone who understands the tools and can make sense out of the overwhelming wealth of information they produce. This should be the job of someone on your marketing team.  

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We recommend using content as an instrumental part of the lead nurturing process. Lead nurturing is the slow and steady process of establishing a trusted advisor position in the minds of your existing and past customers and leads. Instead of bogging down the sales team in this process we will be using Email and other forms of content creation as the primary vehicle for this. The subject matter set fourth in the content created by your company will streamline, enhance, and provide talking points for your sales efforts.

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