The Winged Egg is Officially an Advocate for Weirdness

We at Winged Egg recognize the world is becoming saturated and diluted with constant battles for our attention. When everything is battling for our attention we hear and see nothing. In order to get by in our overwhelming world, we have to put up inner walls between us and the noise to keep it at bay and reserve ourselves a sense of peace. They all just get louder and louder and push themselves into more and more places while we recoil further and further, and diminish our own attention’s ability to be grabbed.

"A Plethora of Fish" by Dr Seuss

We at Winged Egg recognize a trend.

We recognize that in order to succeed in grabbing our attention, you can’t do what everyone else is doing. You can’t play it safe by hiding in diluted design trends and marketing tactics done already. The people control the brand-scape now. This is why they must come to you. The days of the one-way communication are gone (television). We now live in the era of dialogue (the web).

But, why do they come to you?

Because, you are you. Kidding aside, they want you and they know they do. The people have “seen it all before” and they have wisened up. They will not be sold to. They will take nothing of you except you.

But what are we? 

We are what we always were. Weird. Unique. An acquired taste that isn't the same as everything on the shelf. Now in this day and age, weird is what works. It is no longer safe playing it safe. Weird is the trend we must ride. The world is turning their nose from normal, and towards the land of the weird and the unique.

But isn’t being weird bad? Won't they make fun of us?

We all have been talked out of being weird at some point. Everybody has because everyone has weirdness. We were taught not to stand out. It was a comfortable life they offered, it got you a comfortable job in a factory or an office. It got you to start with the bell and end with the bell. To be hungry at lunchtime. This system no longer works and can no longer be comfortable. If you don’t stand out, you drown. Don't be afraid to be personal and authentic. Don't be afraid to be weird.

So, how is weirdness a path to winning? 

You will fail all the tests and your brand will go to market with difficulty. You will stay at it longer and stronger because you are the most fit in the world to be you. If you stay at it for long enough, your audience will start to equate weird with good. You will stick in their minds and you will have all the pieces in place to become a household name. What comes next is an ability to generate lasting profits, a large market share, and the potential for growth will be limitless.

*Think radically more different.

So how do I find my weirdness and attain weird-hood?

You must look deep inside. Find your inner child and solicit their help. Sometimes the only thing that makes sense is the thing that resists making sense. When you have found your vital curiosity, cradle this new perspective and nurture it. Help it grow. Give it freedom to experiment. Put it to work. Give it a seat at the table.

Before you can just be you, dedicate yourself to being the most honest, authentic, and best you, you can be.

Knowing what you know now, how will you build your brand?

Every strong brand has a weirdness and it is easy to tell if you look. This doesn’t mean you make it hard for your audience to accept or understand you. When done right, it’s the very thing that makes it easy.

In today’s world, brands that radically differentiate are the only ones past the boundaries. They get past because we want them past, so, we don’t blame people for not trusting the same old untrustworthy advertising. We hate it too. We choose to speak softly, to empathize, and to encourage that resistance. We love our audience and they love us for it. Most importantly, they let us know who we are.

Has anyone ever told you lovingly, “You’re weird!” before?

It’s a wonderful feeling.

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