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What do they do and what was my job?

Arro-Mark® Company L.L.C. is a manufacturer of industrial paints, inks, and marking devices. The company owns and makes use of a large portfolio of intellectual properties and media assets of which I manage and maintain. I am involved in SEO, web design and development, product design, industrial graphic design, and branding strategy and development. Requirements for my work also include proficiency in and practice of local and extra-local law-compliant hazardous-materials labeling.

Due to our website's thoughtful and comprehensive re-build, and careful and consistent Search Engine Optimization work, Arro-Mark’s relevancy in Internet Searches has reached competitive levels. We have begun to take note of our prominent standing in Google with a list of general and industry specific search terms and phrases, a growing number of which have our company situated in the #1 spot

Why was I brought on?

I was brought onto the company as a “Graphic artist” who also has experience with websites. The company had been experiencing rapid growth and they brought me on to take their brand and design to the next level. Their website was in a sad state, and it was my job to not only take the matter into my own hands, but to study the company’s offerings, remake all their design including handling their private branding contracts.

The state of in 2017

  • Many broken links,
  • No CMS, flat-coded with html
  • Many broken links
  • No file directories for salesmen and customers to download hazmat documents or sell-sheets
  • Images of products out of date and of low quality
  • Unresponsive
  • Google showed readability issues
  • Many back-links from product distributors hit a dead end
  • No SSL installed
  • No Search function
  • Error pages had no custom design, branding of any kind, or link back to main site

The list goes on and on. I inherited a total mess and it was obvious the thing needed to be overhauled completely along with most of their reference and branding material.

Getting started.

During the remaking of the website, I was simultaneously tasked with producing a printed product catalog at the same time. The information and asset gathering process was time consuming and not so straightforward since the company had been in a constant state of innovation not only since business started in 2000, but products and materials were brought over from the owners old business with materials dating all the way back to 1963. I began digging through the marketing material of the past and uncovered many manufactured and distributed products that were not featured on the website nor the catalog but deserved to be featured along the other products in their respective product lines. I eliminated what wasn't needed, created a comprehensive resource out of what was there, and drew out the catalog pages to 24 and began planning the sitemap for the website with that foundation.

The first Sitemap Main Website

  • Front page
  • About page
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Wholesalers directory
  • Sales Representatives directory
  • Contact page
  • Terms of sale page
  • Terms of use page
  • Product Catalog
  • Manufactured Product lines
  • Product Line pages
  • Product pages
  • Distributed Product Lines
  • Product line pages
  • Product pages
  • Other products and services
  • Product pages Printable File Directories

  • SDS Sheets
  • Catalogs
  • Flyers
  • Ordering Guides
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Technical Specifications Guides

After finishing the initial site and having focused on getting all the other work for the business done, I decided to start again with a new Website Foundation with SEO at the forefront.

Tracking my Progress

I set up google search console and google analytics to track our status and set up an audience tracker widget for the front page.


Back-links and 301 Redirects
  • Based on the old sitemap, I set up 301 redirects on old links to corresponding pages in the new file system.
  • I did as thorough a back-link profile as I could and gathered all the back-links from the rest of the web, made a list of who to disavow that looked like negative seo sites, and made sure to set up 301redirects for the good ones. Once that was done, I made sure to find contact information for all those site owners to contact them about updating their links with new link suggestions. Several site owners published new article updates which gave us an influx of new traffic.
  • All owned domains with no development now have a 301 redirect to main site
  • The new site was built to be absolutely responsive for all screen types. This was tested on everybody’s phone in the office.
  • Every browser I would get my hands on was tested for website compatibility while also using online tools to make that process more comprehensive and easier.
  • Images. I built a light-box in the office and used it to take all new pictures of the products re-doctored them to look as good as possible while also keeping their file size low. .SVG was used for as many logos as possible to keep them as sharp as possible while keeping their filesize and load speed down.
  • New webhost migration. Making use of Amazon Web services Content Delivery network, Our speed scores dramatically got better internationally because of their vast network of international server localities.
  • Minified code – All javascript, html, and css, code was condensed and minified which also positively contributed to our speed.
Security Certificates
  • A wild-card SSL certificate installed for all subdomains.
User Experience Design (UX SEO)
  • Readability – Google readability test tool was made use of to optimize typographic choices and font size choices
  • Iconography and illustration – All done and made use of .SVG filetypes for speed and looks instead of PNG which tends to be slow. New logos were all re-done and many re-drawn.
  • Menu systems – Responsive, drop down at the top, menus in the middle, and many interlinked pages throughout the site
  • Color scheme – Cohesive and inviting color scheme utilizing somewhat of a style guide which was not in place before I started
  • Downloadable documents were all updated with up to date information and optimized for web indexing
  • Usability testing - Comprehensive and constant testing and critique amongst office members on test servers before new features were made live.
Technical SEO
  • All headings are tagged appropriately
  • All pages have title tags and meta descriptions in optimized length and optimized descriptive brand authority language
  • All images have alt text
  • All pages have open graph image and open graph description for re-linking on social media and other platforms
  • All product pages optimized for transactional search language while all informational pages optimized for informational search language
  • All headings with h1, h2, etc. tags
Index-ability and Search-ability
  • New server side search function available at the top of all pages
  • Google Search Console sitemap updated and re-crawls scheduled whenever new changed at the end of each day down was done.
  • Google Analytics integrated into site set up for data collection of all traffic.

Content Creation Schedule

With all the aforementioned out of the way with only minor tweaks to be done, I got started on a comprehensive content creation plan. This incorporated information gathered from a comprehensive an audit of cdirect and indirect competitor, their keyword authorities, and their backlinks. The main point here is to collaborate with the experts in the company to uncover insights and relevant content that our customers, salesmen, other staff members, and search engines can use to identify us while claiming the expertise our audience should justify able rely on us for. The content created since has gone as thus:

“Industries we serve” section.


  • Pictures relevant to subject matter
  • Product pictures and links,
  • Rich text copy with appropriate heading tags,
  • Links to surfaces being used
  • Links to related articles.

“Surfaces to be Marked” section.


  • List of products with pictures with links to product page
  • List of industrial applications with links to industry page
  • List of related articles

Product Pages enhanced with new content

New features:

  • Links to downloadable technical data sheet, sell-sheet, and catalog segments pertaining to each product.
  • Links to surface pages
  • Links to Industrial application pages
  • Links to suitable alternatives to a manufactured product if a distributed product
  • All relevant product information for ordering and replacement parts


The content of our blog articles is inspired by:

  • A comprehensive keyword audit of our own site
  • Internal product development discussion,
  • feedback from sales team of customer concerns,
  • feedback from dealers, distributors, and wholesalers
  • the information gathered from audit of competitors and back-links for each respectively.

Incorporating a blog into our content creation schedule ticked so many boxes for for our SEO efforts. We scheduled the content in the order of priority based on SEO impact. The goal of this is to capitalize on the low hanging fruit of keywords relevant to our business but also low on the totem pole of ease of claim.

These blog articles are integrated into:
  • Product pages on our site
  • Pages for industry
  • Pages for surfaces marked
  • Other blog articles
  • Social media
The blog articles themselves contain:
  • Links to other blog articles
  • Links to products
  • Links to catalog pages and sell sheets

Moving Forward, the Results, and our Conclusions

Due to our website's thoughtful and comprehensive re-build, and careful and consistent Search Engine Optimization work, Arro-Mark®’s relevancy in Internet Searches has reached competitive levels. The skills are that make this possible exist in our company because of my practice of dedicating countless hours of experimentation and specialized skill-building. This includes courses and specialized tutorials all paid for from my personal funds. Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new and growing need businesses face. It is increasingly crucial to the survival and success of companies in market places we occupy. This is also true for marketplaces we hope to expand into in the foreseeable future

I have made sure, beyond a doubt, that it is only a matter of time before Arro-Mark® is a real force-to-be-reckoned-with in these new channels of exposure including world-wide audiences. We have begun to take note of our prominent standing in Google with a list of general and industry specific search terms and phrases, a growing number of which have our company situated in the #1 spot. Our general exposure to potential new clients has reached levels this company, and most other companies we compete with for space in our niche, have never seen.

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